Offset Printing General Forms

Different systems are usually used to perform printing services. For example, we can mention the types of offset printing or silk, flex, tampo and چاپ printing. Of course, at present, most printing houses use devices such as propellers or flat offset machines, and in larger printing houses, systems such as offset printing and digital printing, which is a more advanced and newer type of printing process, are used. .

But today, most offset printing and digital printing are used. Despite the advent of new printing methods, offset printing is still the best type of printing. This type of printing is especially used when the quality, speed and price are desired.

Expect two significant returns from printing a public form for your business:

  • Reduce your costs drastically
  • Get your order as soon as possible

Performance of all types of offset printing machines

In offset printing, a four-color system (turquoise-purple-yellow-black) is usually used, so that a combination of these four colors to obtain a variety of colors. The offset machine is printed in such a way that each color is printed separately on the paper and in this way, the color combination operation is performed on the paper. Some examples of offset printing machines have a color column, which means that only one color is printed on the paper each time the paper is drawn into the machine.

Some offset machines are two-color and some are four-color, which prints all four colors with a single suction of the paper. Of course, there are examples of offset machines that have more than four colors. For example, a 5-color offset machine, in addition to printing 4 colors at the same time, also does the fifth color, such as silver or gold, or even varnish printing.

General form of offset printing services

General form offset printing services, or general products, are part of the orders and printed products that, in order to reduce printing costs, are jointly placed next to other orders that are similar in terms of material and number and printed by offset machine. be.

But the reason why the general form is used is because it is usually due to the high cost of printing an order, which can include the type of paper used, the cost of lithography, the cost of printing and after-sales service. To mitigate these costs and reduce costs, printers came up with forms that put several similar orders together instead of placing one.

For example, in a general business card form, 80 cards are stacked next to each other and sent for printing. This will cause some fixed printing costs to be divided into 80 cards per form, thus reducing the cost of printing.

What products is suitable for general form offset printing services?

the general form of printing, in addition to reducing the cost of printing orders, will be suitable for some printing orders that have a short life. For example, some tracts and brochures that are printed in large numbers and should be widely distributed, such as some election-related print ads, do not need to be of high quality. Therefore, these products can be ordered and printed in general form.

For the following products, it is better to use the general form:

  • Print the general form of the tract and brochure
  • Print the general form of business card
  • Print general form office sets such as letterheads and envelopes
  • Print writing a general form, for example, for advertisements, restaurant menus, neighborhood advertisements such as hairdressers
  • Use the online ordering system to receive a discount