Flyer general printing form

We all know about the flyer and we know how it is used. A flyer is a type of advertisement that is printed on paper with particular dimensions. In the area of printing and advertising, flyer printing is one of the effective services and it is used to introduce the products and services of a profession or individual or to inform about an event. Flyer printing in general form is very common and popular among all types of printed products. Printing these advertising papers is an easy and fast method that is also very economical.

If you want to advertise directly in the city and the public at a low price, using flyers in general forms is the most suitable method, because it will cost less than other advertising methods and information is delivered directly to people. Flyers can be printed and designed in various shapes, materials, and sizes. Depending on the type of printing and paper, flyers have different prices and are printed in monochrome, black and white, and color.

The real rate of printing flyers in general form

The general printing form of a flyer is the easiest method of advertising, but the fact is that the same simple and low-price advertising has users and customers about 65% exchange rate, which is one of the most effective methods of printing advertising. Perhaps, printing a complete and expensive catalog or a multi-page brochure even a billboard may not be effective like this method. Of course, this rate is true when all of your flyers reach the customers and the flyer distributor does not throw them in the gutter or trash can.

For example, advertising “a specialized industrial machine in the production of bakelite equipment” on a billboard on the Modares Highway is not profitable at all, and how likely it is that someone will cross this route and see this advertisement and order this industrial machine. The same ad on an industrial magazine in the field of industrial machinery is hundreds of times more profitable and more expensive, even a series of short text messages for managers of industrial plants with injection machinery, are more likely to become customers and buyers.

Take advertising conversion rates seriously

General form tract printing features

As we know, for public printing, we have to put a number of each type of order in one form and send it for printing. General tract printing forms are a set of printed orders that are placed jointly with other people’s orders in a printed form to reduce printing costs. Non-separation of colors in these forms is one of the main characteristics of general forms.

For printing tracts in general forms, the smaller the dimensions of the tracts, the more orders are needed to complete the printed form. In public forms, prices are significantly reduced due to the distribution of sheets among several customers, so ordering a tract in general will be cheaper than ordering a tract in private. Perhaps among all the disadvantages of printing a tract in public form, the only advantage is the low cost of printing a tract.

In general forms, according to the type of arrangement of different orders with different colors next to each other, color adjustment is done for all orders in general, and this reduces the quality and changes the color of the printed tract with the original color. Becomes. Therefore, general forms are very suitable for orders such as tracts, which do not have much effect on color change, because it makes them cost less in high circulation. But it would certainly not be appropriate to use general forms for orders where color and quality are priorities.

The last point is that the circulation of printed orders is also effective in choosing the type of printing forms, so that it will be more appropriate to use general forms for printing tracts with a circulation between one thousand and five thousand and for printing orders with a circulation between Ten thousand to one hundred thousand numbers in special forms will get better results.

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