General form of offset printing services

 The essential invention in the decade of mechanical technology and the era of European development is offset printing, which has changed the boundaries of fantasy and reality for humans. Many superstitions, fables, and lies that were told to people were undone by this device. Many dreams and fantasies that should have been heard were turned into novels and various books so that this border would no longer exist. This invention was the turning point of technology in human life.

After that, different usage has emerged for these devices. Newspapers were published and theater advertisements, festivals, and king’s announcements were installed on the walls. Eventually, advertisements became so dominant in this industry that the first media was created with the single goal of advertising. The world’s industries could have multi-million dollar incomes and worldwide markets thanks to this technology. Today, general offset printing services are everywhere all over the world. With a quick look at foreign sites presenting offset services, you understand that it is time to change the routine of printing services.

Chaplion complex services

There is a certain method among all offset printing services that increases circulation and reduces costs in the final product. This method depends on the standard size of the printing machine and the ratio of each sheet’s expanse to the area that ​​the customer is ordering. In the general form of offset printing, you buy part of this large sheet for yourself and other customers buy other parts of it, and eventually, the cost of printing this large sheet is shared among all of the customers. This is the true meaning of general offset printing.

Steps of ordering general offset printing


1- The first step include: providing material for printing, design, providing output for printing, and molding.


2- Second steps related to printing (printing in the general form includes certain divisions and alignment), which includes preparing printing forms and sending them to the printing house.


3- Finally, post-printing activities, which include the process of required coatings for printing, folding, binding, pressing, cutting, and packaging.

In order for an order to reach the general form offset printing, it is necessary to go through all the above steps and the sections required for printing. As mentioned, the initial stages of printing include taking some steps to prepare the order. After completing this step and preparing the appropriate output for printing, there is another important step called formatting. Formatting is one of the most common terms in printing and printing, which is very common.

The difference between general and special offset printing

General Offset Printing

The offset printing process is done in two different forms of general and special. These two forms are very different in terms of technique, quality, and price. It is clear that in terms of the operator and the printing house, the difference in quality will certainly change, but if we assume that you have placed your order in an adept and experienced complex, you will barely notice only a 3% difference in these two forms of printing. Comparing to the small difference between the two forms, the difference in cost is high.

Common differences between general and special forms are as follows:

1- Special forms are closed only for one job, but in general forms, several printing orders are placed next to each other.

2- It is possible to control the color hue in the special form, and usually the best output is delivered. But in the general form, the printer tries to make everything work in an adequate color.

3- It is not possible to determine and choose the type of material for general printing, but in the special form, you can select the paper with the weight or quality you want.

4- There is no guarantee that the reprint of an order will be absolutely the same in terms of quality and color in general forms, however, your order will be printed with the same quality and color in the special form, even after a year interval.

5- The supervisor will be present next to the print to ensure quality in special forms, this is not possible for general forms.

6- Usually, due to the paper wastes in general forms, the order circulation is less than the main circulation, but in the special form, the final circulation is the same and even in some cases more than the ordered amount.

7- The cost of printing general forms is much lower than special forms.