Offset printing services for everyday & office use

Usually, when we hear about printing, the first thing that comes to mind is to print a book or a magazine; While today the world of printing has undergone so much revolution and diversity that it has gone beyond the printing of books and magazines. Today the offset printing is in the form of many different items such as business cards, catalogs, office sets, brochures, etc. and almost everyone uses it all over the world.

Each printing product, considering different factors such as paper type, shape, size, printing form, machine, etc., allocate various types of methods and has different branches. One of the most important materials in the printing industry is paper, and knowing the types of paper and printing and the different methods used for printing is essential and can be very efficient. In this article, we will have an overview of the writing printing form.

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We place print orders randomly when aligned in terms of color or quantity and because each general form has its color average, which is related only to the same form, the colors will be adjusted based on the color of the template form. Eventually, if you have a color sample or reprint in the general form, the final color will not be the same as before.

When sending your orders for printing, we recommend using special form considering the importance and significance of the order, because in general forms the quality of printed orders (in terms of color, paper, circulation, size, etc.) is lower than special form.

Printing orders placed on general forms are put next to many other orders and sent for printing. Since it is not possible to use a supervisor or a color sample in printing general forms, and also considering the shortage of time, it is not possible to align and separate print orders based on their color. Therefore, the color of all print orders will change about fifteen percent.

  • Several print orders are placed next to each other in the general form and are not closed just for your order.
  • Usually, after cutting, the size of the final printed from in general form will change about half a centimeter on each side compared to the original size.
  • In the general writing form, the amount of delivered ordered is usually less than the ordered amount, because after printing all orders in the general writing form has 5% to 10% paper waste.
  • In the general writing form, the color of printed orders is about 15% different from the original color.
  • It usually takes more time to deliver the general printing form and the special form takes less time.
  • Writing general form has a lower price than special printing forms.