Box offset printing in 1000 to 1,000,000 circulation

Printing on a Package & box is one of the most effective methods in selling products, so in the field of box printing and packaging, there are many ideas and terms that you need to know. This matter is essential in the modern world, therefore, the companies ordering box printing are willing to pay a lot of money so that box printing is done in the best way possible. The more attractive, miscellaneous, and beautiful the print and design on the box packaging, the more customers will be attracted to the product.

This kind of attractiveness has a great impact on customer’s loyalty. When customers use boxes that have amazing printing, subsequently in the next order, they follow the same company to order the print. Satisfaction and multiple orders are achieved when printing is done with the highest and best quality. Printing in high quality on the boxes raises the company’s brand name.

Every step from designing to making cardboard boxes

Three main factors are essential for the quality of the box. The type of design, method of printing, and material are factors that are very important to the quality of the order. Design is an essential step for printing and is crucial in introducing the merchandise inside the box. Design plays a necessary role in printing orders. Many customers believe that the design of the box and packaging must be suitable and without any weaknesses. They believe that without a proper design, even if the product has the best quality, it will be hard to sell the product.

Consequently, you should assume that the box design depicts and introduces the product inside, therefore you should consider all global standards in the box design. According to researches and polls, when people want to buy a boxed product, the first factor that attracts them and affects their opinion is the design of the box.

How does the budget affect the offset printing on the box?

Many factors affect the design and printing of the box. Budget is one of these factors that is important for the customer. Some people tend to spend just a little money to print on their boxes to save more profit. But if you want to print in high quality you should spend more money. As mentioned before, the higher the quality of the printing the better your product sells. Therefore, if you have enough budget for printing, it is better for you to spend it because it has a great impact on your sales.

You can order boxes that are gray on the back with a low budget. The material of these cardboards is different from higher-quality cardboards. These types of boxes are recycled and you should know that these boxes are not suitable for food and health products. In this regard, there are many companies for which the budget is not limited and sometimes they use custom designs for their boxes.

Box printing and packaging coloring

The color used to design the box is one of the factors influencing the printing on the box. To sell more products, you need to consider what color or design is attractive and dazzling to buyers. In this regard, it must first be determined for which age group the box is designed. The design and color of the boxes are different for children and adults. It should even be considered that box printing is for women or men. In addition to these points, it should be noted that in the design, the color of the product has a great impact on the color of the box and even the fonts used on the box. There should be a fit between the product, the color of the box, the brand of the product, the font used on the box and all the points mentioned. The size of the box is another factor that affects customer feedback. If the box is larger than the product, it is not very beautiful and may even increase the cost of the customer.

Offset printing and making carton with low price

The process of printing and carton making is very simple and economical. Many businesses prefer this method for their products. There is a high demand for cartons in the market. The process of printing is done in various ways. Printing technology mainly includes: offset printing, gravure printing, flexography, typography, sheet printing, pad printing, spherical printing, and thermal printing. There are 3 types of printing that are used more than any other type. Offset printing, flexographic printing, and gravure printing are the most common methods used for carton making or any other type of product.

Offset printing of cardboard boxes and cartons

Box offset printing and cardboard carton packaging

To print on custom boxes, we mainly use offset printing. This type of printing includes several hues of colors, a multi-purpose web, and a kind of flat paper machine. The first one has a high production speed and is suitable for printing on pre-printed cartons with vast production and a product with a similar structure. After printing the design on the paper, we can directly attach it to the striped cardboard carton.

The multi-purpose printing speed can reach around 10,000 sheets per hour, which is suitable for printing small batches. The details of printing on the surface paper are various. The flat paper machine can also print detailed striped cardboard directly, with higher printing accuracy and constant quality. The ink layer of offset printing is more suitable for consecutive printing, screen printing, and multi-color orders. This type of printing has a high resolution, oil printing layer, smooth color, and high quality. This type of printing is easy to work with, also very fast, convenient, and economical.

Gravure printing

The gravure printing process is such that it has web printing and flat printing. The color scheme and function are also different. The gravure printing process has the characteristics of high printing durability and fast printing speed. Because the gravure ink layer is thicker, the printing ink is more colorful than 3D. The printing surface in engraving has several layers, so its texture is strong and the color of the printing ink dries faster. Compared to offset printing, flexo printing or silk screen printing, this process has the least production color printing deviation and the quality of the printing and cartoning product is one of the most stable and optimal conditions possible. Because the engraving sheet material is made by processing the steel roll material through plating, electric engraving, etc., the plate making process is complex. Page construction materials and costs are relatively expensive, and page replacement performance is problematic; It is therefore suitable for large batch production in order to better control and reduce production costs. Few collections in Iran are able to produce boxes and cartons from monochrome to 6 colors with gold, silver and sanitary cartons, and Chapilon is one of them.

Flexographic printing

Flexographic printing also includes a multicolor printing machine for web and flat paper. Meanwhile, the flat paper printing machine has a type of pre-printed paper printing and direct printing of corrugated cardboard can be done online, indented and slotted. The flexographic printing process combines the benefits of letter printing, lithography and gravure printing. Because the printing plate is flexible, the printing pressure is much lighter than other processes. The printing pressure is lighter, the printing ink is thicker and the printing is very clear, and the printing plate is resistant to printing. Its main features are its flexibility. This process can print glossy surface cardboard and rough surface cardboard. This allows it to print non-absorbent and absorbent materials well. Applicable to both thin paper and thick paper. Also suitable for printing lattice and linear versions. Flexographic printing plate has a rubber plate and a resin plate and the main materials are natural rubber plate and synthetic rubber. Its page making includes hand carving, laser engraving and casting. Join us for carton and box printing services to experience the best quality at a super cheap price.