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One of the efficient methods in advertising and introducing your business and area of activity is printing business cards. This method is the best option to establish a relationship between the customer and the product. In most printing houses, most daily printing orders are for business cards. Business cards are printed in various types and different materials. The common examples of business cards are linen business cards, matte/ glossy cellophane, and matte/ glossy laminates.

There are numerous methods to print a business card. For example, digital or instant printing, special and general offset printing are among these methods. If you want business cards with high quality and circulation, offset printing is the best option. If the business card has to be prepared in the shortest time possible with limited circulation, digital printing will be the best option. Custom and business card printing is usually based on the customer’s opinion and taste and in the printing process the cost is more than common offset printing.

How to print a business card in public forms

Different types of business cards are printed in both public and private forms. Dedicated business card printing form includes products that can not be executed in public forms. For example, they may have special services or due to high printing sensitivities, special printing or special colors should be used for them.

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The concept of a general form or sheet is that instead of printing a single order and paying the printing costs by one person, the printing house puts several business card orders together and the total printing costs of these business cards among all It is divided into several groups that have ordered business cards, and as a result, the cost of printing these business cards will be much lower and more convenient than printing a dedicated form. Of course, the time it takes to get a business card printed in a public form is much longer than a private business card. The main purpose of printing public business card sheets is to reduce the costs for customers and customers.

In public forms, called printing sheets, about 80 business cards are stacked together by different customers. This arrangement of business cards is done without considering the color of the order and no distinction is considered for the colors of business cards.

General forms of business cards have a special color average, which is considered as the template color for the form, so all the cards printed in this form have a 15% color difference compared to the monitor. It is better to specify the type of printed form of your order according to the sensitivity and importance of the work because the print quality of orders including color, material and type of printing in special forms is much higher than the general form of business card printing.

As the name of these forms indicates, the printing of dedicated business card sheets, unlike the general one, is dedicated to printing an order and all printing costs will be borne by one person. While public sheets consist of several sets of orders, the costs of each are borne by their customers. Also, dedicated business card sheets are printed in less time than general sheets and have a higher quality.

The minimum circulation of ordering business cards in general forms is 1000 copies, while in private printing this number is usually much higher. Usually, in general forms, the two sides of a two-sided business card are never delivered in the same color after printing, so it is better to use two different colors to design a two-sided business card. In public printing of business card sheets, due to the impossibility of color control, about 20% of the color difference will be delivered with 10% of waste or waste, but in special forms due to monitoring and control, the amount of color difference and waste is a lot of work. It is insignificant.

Usually, price inquiries in general forms are quite clear and the price of a business card can be estimated in the shortest time, but in special printing, due to the high variety of material, color and printing, prices are not clear and printing price inquiries will be time consuming. Of course, in the dedicated printing model, additional costs are usually received from the customer, in which no services are provided in principle, it is better to leave many of your printed items in public forms, such as the same business card and office set.

To explain the reason for the emergence of general forms of business card printing, we must consider that if you print a business card specifically, the minimum circulation that is considered for printing this order will be more than twenty thousand business cards. And of course, the cost that must be paid for its printing in the lowest possible case and the cheapest price of printed paper is about eight hundred thousand tomans, which has no justification and economic benefits for the customer, except in cases such as full prints. Circulation for candidates.

As you can see, due to the high cost of printing and its high circulation, printing business cards exclusively seems impossible. For this reason, and in order to solve this problem, forms were jointly prepared for printing business cards, in which all printing houses and advertising offices place their business card orders, which have the same circulation and paper, in these printed forms. They print. In addition to the appropriate circulation, this work is also quite cost-effective. The set of these joint printing operations is called public form business card printing. Which has been created with the aim of reducing printing prices and proper order circulation.