Printing Paper Handbags

Brown and White Kraft Paper Bags

Offset Printing paper handbag

Plastic and nylon can easily be replaced by paper handbags. By using this type of handbag we can help for a cleaner environment and prevent pollution. There are various designs of paper handbags with different prints on them. The design of printing on the paper handbag is very important on the sales of the product. The fact that paper handbags can be an alternative to plastics, is very important on sales.

To print paper handbags we use cardboards with various materials. The best choice for printing on handbags is glossy cardboard and straw cardboard (Kraft). Printing on paper handbags can be done in various sizes. Usually, we use cardboard with different weights for printing. By doing this we cover all the tastes for the paper handbag. These handbags are usually produced with weights of 170, 200, and 250 grams.